Medical and Behavioral Health Provider Training


Domestic Violence Brain Injury Care Network

Domestic violence (DV) and brain injury are inextricably intertwined. 37% of women in NM experience DV over the lifetime. 33% of men experience DV. Many women in violent relationships state that they have had too many brain injuries to count.

New Mexico is desperate for medical and behavioral health providers to understand brain injury and know how to treat people living with brain injury.

With funding from the State of NM, the Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico has been developing a Domestic Violence Brain Injury Care Network by training medical and behavioral health providers statewide. Please email for more information.

Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation Psychotherapy (ICRPTM) for Brain Injury

We are fortunate to have ready access to a model of therapy for children and adults living with brain injury in New Mexico. It was developed here in NM for use with all populations of NM. And this culturally relevant model is now taught nationally and internationally.

The author of this model is Mark Pedrotty, Ph.D. who has been on the board of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico since 1998. Mark is a professor in the Dept. of Pediatrics in the UNM School of Medicine and the Senior Clinical Psychologist at UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital.

Mark has been generous with his time by offering training for behavioral health clinicians in NM in the ICRP model.

The next virtual training is on July 8th and 9th, 2022.
Please see the flyer and the program.

This training has been approved by NASW-NM for 12.5 Cultural CEUs. These CEUs are accepted by all behavioral health boards in NM:
Board of Social Work Examiners
Counseling and Therapy Practice Board
Board of Psychological Examiners (fulfilling requirements for Category 1 CEUs and Cultural Diversity CEUs. Please check with your board to see if NASW-NM Cultural CEUs also fulfill your Equity and Inclusion requirements)