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    Audiobooks Related to Brain Injury
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    1. SBS 101 National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
    National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
    Included in this packet is a PowerPoint presentation on a CD-ROM, suggested talking points for that presentation, ideas for demonstration activities and a listing of frequently asked questions. All of this is in regards to shaken baby syndrome and ideas on how to demonstrate the mechanism of injury during a shaking event are provided.
    2. Dads 101 National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
    National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
    The Dads 101 training program, which includes a CD, provides a safe environment for men to openly discuss their fears and concerns about fatherhood. It also gives men the confidence to feel comfortable in caring for infant children and establishes a strong sense of fellowship and cooperation among the participants.
    3. Manual Recursos Para Traumas Cerebrales de Nuevo Mexico
    4. Brain Fitness Volume 1
    Dr. Michael Merzenich
    This is based on the brain's ability to change and adapt, even rewire itself.
    5. Brain Maker
    David Perlmutter, MD
    This shows you how to take advantage of the cutting edge knowledge, explaining how your microbiome develops from birth and evolves based on lifestyle choices, how it can become ``sick`` and how nurturing gut health with a few easy strategies can dramatically alter your brain's destiny for the better, boosting your mental clarity and adding years to your life.
    6. Brain Recovery Kit disc 1
    Lisa Keller
    An innovative system for guiding individuals through the day-to-day challenges faced after brain injury, while providing information and support to family and friends
    7. Brain Recovery Kit disc 2
    Lisa Keller
    An innovative system for guiding individuals through the day-to-day challenges faced after brain injury, while providing information and support to family and friends
    8. Brain Recovery Kit disc 3
    Lisa Keller
    An innovative system for guiding individuals through the day-to-day challenges faced after brain injury, while providing information and support to family and friends
    9. Center for Neuro Skills
    The discussion of brain function
    10. Effective Communication Skills
    Dalton Kehoe
    Four discs on effective communication, how it works, and many other things.
    11. Guided Meditation for Stress and Anxiety
    Frances Manuell
    A guid to how meditation can help rid of your stress and anxiety through 12 sections.
    12. Healing Journeys Help for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Belleruth Naparstek
    This audio program combines soothing music with powerful, healing images to help reduce anxiety, stabilize biochemical swings, increase strength and motivation to resist unwanted thoughts and impulses, and envision a time of freedom from the oppressive symptoms of OCD.
    13. Healing Journeys: A Guided Meditation for Traumatic Brain Injury
    Belleruth Naparstek
    This guided imagery program, designed with the help of scores of TBI survivors and caregivers, targets a wide range of symptoms and difficulties, such as headache, coordination, balance, memory, concentration, word retrieval, fatigue, sensitivity to light, noise and touch; and also designed to help even out mood swings, alleviate depression, soothe agitation, instill hope and inspire a return of confidence and self esteem.
    14. Health Journeys A Guided Meditation to Help With Caregiver Stress
    Belleruth Naparstek
    Designed to help balance mood; relax the body; provide encouragement, motivation and support; acknowledge difficulties; affirm strength, tenacity and resourcefulness; release resentment; reduce isolation; promote self-esteem; open the heart; encourage self-care; and restore hope for the future.
    15. Health Journeys A Guided Meditation to Help With Concentration. Focus & Learning
    Belleruth Naparstek
    Guided imagery designed to help marshal the coherent, focused energy needed to reach an intended goal; increase the ability to concentrate and complete tasks; ramp up organized planning for greater efficiency and effectiveness; boost capacity for patience, calm and inner quiet; and enhance self-esteem and feelings of mastery.
    16. Health Journeys A Meditation to Help You Improve Self-Confidence and Reach Peak Performance
    Belleruth Naparstek
    Guided meditation that combines healing imagery, powerful music and the most current understanding of the mind-body connection to help your self-confidence.
    17. Health Journeys A Meditation to Support Your Recovery From Stroke
    Belleruth Naparstek
    Designed to help the body repair arteries and reduce plaque; restore optimal neuromuscular functioning; replace information routes from the brain; restore confidence, self-esteem and patience; encourage hope, relaxation and peace.
    18. Health Journeys Guided Self-Hypnosis to Help Free Yourself From Procrastination
    Traci Stein
    This program is designed to help procrastinators put the most effective parts of the brain in the driver's seat and develop the ebst strategies for getting things done.
    19. Health Journeys Meditations to Support Successful Relationships
    Belleruth Naparstek
    Four different imagery exercises designed to help explore inner difficulties nonjudgmentally, promote empathy, release grief, and open the heart.
    20. Mind-Body Medicine: The New Science of Optimal Health
    Jason M. Satterfield
    Six discs with 36 lectures on a deep dive into Optimal Health.
    21. Optimizing Brain Fitness
    Richard Restak
    Two discs with details of how your brain works and changes, how to take care of and enhance your brain, and much
    22. Survive Thrive and Alive: Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (Defense & Veterans Brain Injury Center)
    Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    A resource for veterans with brain injury to help them understand their brain injury.
    23. Take Two: After Traumatic Brain Injury
    Lash & Associates Publishing
    Shows individuals with brain injuries and their families through interviews, as they discuss their recovery and rehabilitation related to school, teacher responses, and life choices.
    24. TBI & Housing
    Susan Vaughn
    An overview of brain injury and associated issues, then outlined concerns relating to state government agencies and the provision of housing services and support.
    25. The Addictive Brain
    Thad A. Polk
    Two discs on how addiction affects the brain, genetics, more on alcohol, marijuana and more, and the science behind it all.
    26. The Aging Brain
    Thad A. Polk
    This will teach you how aging affects us at the cellular, neural, and behavioral levels, and also how it doesn't.
    27. The Brain Fitness Program
    This program is based on the concepts of neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to change and adapt and even rewire itself. it will help you understand how the brain works and how you can keep your brain fit.
    28. The Great Courses: How Conversation Works: 6 Lessons for Better Communication
    Anne Curzan
    Six lessons on how to become more conversationally aware, how conversational floor works, how and when to be direct and indirect, how to navigate face-threatening acts, how to negotiate professional relationships, and how to maintain relationships with talk.
    29. The Great Courses: Scientific Secrets for a Powerful Memory
    Peter M. Vishton
    A six lesson dvd on your memory, encoding information with images, maximizing short and long-term memory, why and when we forget, keeping your whole brain in peak condition, and human memory is reconstruction, not replay.
    30. The Other Breakfast Club: A Documentary on Traumatic Brain Injury after a Car Crash
    The National Road Safety Foundation, Inc.
    About 6 individuals who were in car crashes and were in comas meet when they are in rehab, and they form a breakfast club. Each person describes their rehabilitation and therapy.
    31. The Secrets of Mental Math
    Arthur T. Benjamin
    Two disc with how to learn how to do math in your head.
    32. Traumatic Brain Injury in Native America: A healing Journey
    Nancy Harry
    Helps to understanding key cultural nuances of the Native American TBI client and in gaining insight into the unique circumstances of traumatic brain injury in native america, we urge you to actively listen to this story in its entirety with the attention to culture, heritage, and the prevailing challenges in Indian country today.
    33. Understanding Nonverbal Communication
    Mark G. Frank
    Two discs on how to understand the science of nonverbal communication and all the different types.