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    Books on Dementia and Alzheimer’s
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    1. 100 Simple Things You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer's and Age Related Memory Loss
    Jean Carper
    Author Jean Carper Discovered that she has the major susceptibility gene for Alzheimer's, which led to her research which found 100 surprisingly simple scientifically tested ways to radically reduce the odds of Alzheimer's, memory decline, and other forms of dementia.
    2. Dementia Facts & Information
    Frederick Earlstein
    This book gathers together many of the current knowledge and information about dementia, its history, types, symptoms, causes, treatment and prognosis into one, easy to read reference that seeks to demystify this syndrome for the ordinary layman.
    3. Exercises for Brain Health: The Complete Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's. Parkinson's, and Dementia through Exercise
    William Smith, M.S.
    A book that features physical and mental exercises that are specially designed to strengthen both mind and body. Featuring progressively challenging programs and assessments, this book will keep you motivated along the path to a healthy and active brain.
    4. The Alzheimer's Prevention Program
    Gary Small, M.D and Gigi Vorgan
    This program shows how to master simple techniques to overcome everyday lapses, incorporate the top 10 brain-protecting foods in your diet, cross-train your brain, exercising both the right and left hemispheres, and more.
    5. Thoughtful Dementia Care
    Jennifer Ghent-Fuller
    A book that offers insights into emotional reactions and practical suggestions based on deep understanding of the way people with dementia view many situations.
    6. Understand Alzheimer's A First-Time Caregiver's Plan
    Calistoga Press
    This book provides a wealth of practical and useful information to help you and your loved one deal with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, as well as a guide to providing compassionate care for a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease until the end of life.