Assisting in creating a better future for for people living with brain injuries and those who care for them.

About Us

About Us

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico was founded in 1984, to help individuals living with brain injury, their supporters, and the community learn about brain injury and resources to help cope with its effects.

Our vision is that all persons with a brain injury / concussion / stroke thrive in their community.

The organization is centered in Albuquerque. The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico consists of a board of directors, and numerous other volunteers, who  meet regularly, organize and hold events, and on whom the organization depends.  The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico is contacted thousands of times yearly – with requests for assistance in finding resources, and for help in dealing with the tremendous distress brought by brain injury / concussion / stroke.  It is with generous support of outside organizations and individual donations, that our operation depends.

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico provides educational and advocacy services to the brain injury community and is the go to resource in New Mexico. 

We host an annual conference, additional official events, and numerous social events.  The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico offers support and resources to maximize recovery and to help people thrive rather than just survive.

Our organization has been instrumental in founding the New Mexico Brain Injury Advisory Council, and continues to work on behalf of brain injury in New Mexico.