Assisting in creating a better future for for people living with brain injuries and those who care for them.

About Us


The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico was founded in 1984, to help individuals living with brain injury, their families and the community learn about brain injury and resources to help cope with the effects of brain injury.

Our mission is to assist people and families living with brain injury, concussion and stroke, to thrive in their communities through support, advocacy, education, research, and prevention.

The organization is centered in Albuquerque. Volunteers meet regularly and are crucial to the success of the organization.

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico has provided a host of educational and advocacy services to the brain injury community and is the go to resource in New Mexico. In addition to hosting an annual conference, the organization was instrumental in founding the Brain Injury Advisory Council, and also in providing grass roots support to ensure the passage of the New Mexico Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund and long term services to people with brain injury, “Mi Via”.

We get hundreds of calls each year asking for help in finding resources and dealing with the overwhelming emotional distress of life-changing brain injuries. With your generous support, our volunteers and brain injury specialists can continue to provide helpful information, resources, and support to people living with brain injury, and training to companies, organizations and schools on prevention of brain injury, and how to work with those living with a brain injury.

BIANM provides free support groups to help people living with a brain injury and their families thrive. We need your help to develop wellness resources to provide daily activities to increase important life skills, get people active, give caregivers support, and rebuild relationships with the help of brain injury specialists and volunteers.  A brain injury buddy program will nurture friendships and instill hope through the use of volunteers. Your support will help to provide staff, volunteers, a safe space to meet, to host helpful and fun activities, and to distribute resources.  A brain injury shouldn’t result in isolation, depression, failure, and loss of hope. The Brain Injury Alliance of New Mexico is here to offer support and resources to maximize recovery and to help people thrive rather than just survive!